FSD Wheel Cleaner

FSD Wheel Cleaner

FSD Wheel Cleaner

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Remove dirt and debris from wheels the smart way! This is the ultimate Wheel Cleaner that features powerful active cleaning agents that are safe to use on all types of wheels. Crafted from a pH Neutral formula that tells you when the product is ready to be washed off by changing color, it quickly removes the toughest dirt and grime with minimal effort required from you. You can use this innovative Wheel Cleaner on steel, alloy, chrome, powder-coated, painted, uncoated and anodized aluminum.

    Clings onto brake dust and road contaminates
●    Safe to use on all wheel types
●    Active cleaning agents dissolves and loosens stubborn dirt on your wheels and tires
●    Formulated with a pH Neutral formula that changes colors once the work is done
●    Locally made and crafted with care in the USA

Simply spray our Wheel Cleaner straight onto your dry wheel, let the product work for 2-3 minutes, once the product turns red, that will mean the product is ready to be washed off, simply rinse off thoroughly for a clean and contaminate free wheel.


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