We use only the best to ensure a 100% legal and fair giveaway.

We use one of the best sweapstakes companies in the world to manage our giveaways. All of our giveaways are properly registered and bonded. The issue with many of these giveaway companies popping up is that they try to skip out on the cost of having a giveaway registered and bonded, and with proper rules. It is by no means cheap but this is the correct way to do it. By law we have to give these prizes away, without being registered and bonded like many others. They can take your money and disappear. Sadly I'm starting to see this often and unfortunately it has negative effects on the people like us who are doing it properly. That being said, in a nut shell i will explain the process. When you place an order through our website, it automatically calculates and sends your entries too a secure file that no one can touch. If you place several orders it will total it all up and track each entry. Once the giveaway is over, we export this file directly to our sweapstakes company (Marden-Kane) which she will verify all entries and verify all free mail in entries. After that her company 100% randomly selects one winner. She then calls the winner to verify a few things, for example, you must be atleast 18 years old, you cannot be a relative to anyone who works for FSD, you canty be an associate of FSD etc. For more info on that please see our Official rules located at the bottom of this page. After the winner is verified and good to go, she lets us know and then we announce the winner and set up a time and date to pick up their new truck. We try to be as transparent as we can with all of this so you feel comfortable entering to win our badass trucks. If you have already enter, Goodluck! If you haven't, THEN GET ENTERED!