FSD 03-09 Dodge Cummins Billet Heat Exchanger

FSD 03-09 Dodge Cummins Billet Heat Exchanger
FSD 03-09 Dodge Cummins Billet Heat Exchanger
FSD 03-09 Dodge Cummins Billet Heat Exchanger
FSD 03-09 Dodge Cummins Billet Heat Exchanger
FSD 03-09 Dodge Cummins Billet Heat Exchanger
FSD 03-09 Dodge Cummins Billet Heat Exchanger

FSD 03-09 Dodge Cummins Billet Heat Exchanger

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The Full Send Diesel billet heat exchanger designed for 2003-2009 Dodge Cummins has effectively resolved the persistent heat exchanger issues. Our billet heat exchanger offers all the benefits of efficient heat transfer and cooling, while ensuring absolute reliability by eliminating the possibility of failure and cross-contamination. This heat exchanger is a seamless, plug-and-play solution, compatible with a completely stock truck, requiring no additional hardware. To install, simply replace your factory heat exchanger with our meticulously engineered billet heat exchanger.

Our motivation for developing this billet heat exchanger stems from numerous customer experiences with factory exchangers failing internally. Such failures result in the unfortunate mixing of engine coolant with transmission fluid, often leading to transmission damage and contaminating the truck's cooling system with a troublesome milky red substance. Neglecting proper flushing in such cases can ultimately cause engine failures as well.

Our heat exchanger is precision-cut from a solid block of aluminum, featuring coolant passages on one side and transmission fluid passages on the other, with no welded seams or tubes that might fail over time. We stand behind our product with a 100% guarantee that cross-contamination will not occur under any circumstances.


Do you need a heat exchanger? Why not just bypass it?

These are common questions that we encounter on a daily basis. Regrettably, there is no one-size-fits-all answer to this query. In essence, these trucks were originally equipped with a heat exchanger for a purpose, and we firmly believe in their considerable advantages, as long as they are not prone to failure and causing transmission damage due to inherent flaws in the factory design. With our heat exchanger now available in the market, we have successfully addressed this significant drawback, effectively eliminating any potential drawbacks.

In any climatic condition, the presence of a heat exchanger proves to be advantageous. In warmer climates, it serves to cool the transmission fluid, while in colder environments, it aids in warming the transmission fluid.

How does the heat exchanger work?

Unfortunately there is a lot of misinterpretation about heat exchangers because people don't understand how they work. To sum it up, hot engine coolant runs through one side and transmission fluid runs through the other side. In hot climates when the transmission temperature exceeds engine coolant temperature, the heat from the transmission fluid will be absorbed into the cooling system thus being cooled off through the radiator. In cold climates, the engine coolant helps warn up & maintain proper transmission fluid temperatures by absorbing heat from the engine cooling system.

What's Included?

Everything needed to install, Simply remove your factory heat exchanger and swap it out for our billet heat exchanger, then top off fluid as needed. Works with factory coolant & transmission lines or any of FSD's AN braided hose kits.



-100% Guaranteed to NEVER cross contaminate

-LIFETIME workmanship warranty

-Precision Machined In The USA

-10AN ORB Coolant Ports (Allows For AN Coolant Lines)

-8AN ORB transmission Fluid Ports

-Anodized Black Finish On Main Body