FSD 1998.5+ Dodge Cummins DIY Valve Cover Hose Kit (Dual Port)

FSD 1998.5-2020 Dodge Cummins DIY Catch Can Kit-fsd-Full Send Diesel
FSD 1998.5+ Dodge Cummins DIY Valve Cover Hose Kit (Dual Port)
FSD 1998.5+ Dodge Cummins DIY Valve Cover Hose Kit (Dual Port)

FSD 1998.5+ Dodge Cummins DIY Valve Cover Hose Kit (Dual Port)

Add Vibrant Dual port Catch Can (VIB12761)
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This is Full Send Diesels 1998.5+ DIY Valve Cover Hose Kit (Dual Port). This kit includes all of the fittings and hoses you need to plumb in a dual port catch can to your aftermarket valve cover. You also have the option to add the Vibrant dual port catch can for a complete package with everything you need. This kit is designed to be used with billet valve covers with two 12AN ORB ports such as FSD, Beans Diesel or King Speed valve covers. This kit does not include the fittings for the catch can. It is made to be used with Vibrant performance's catch can that is already equipped with -10 Male fittings for our hoses to thread onto but will work with other catch cans with -10AN Male fittings. This kit is a DIY kit, the hoses are not assembled. You must mount your catch can, measure, cut and assemble the hoses. If you need AN tools please check out our billet An wrench and vise jaws. With any questions please feel free to reach out!


What's Included?

  •  10' Black Braided -10AN Hose
  • (2) -10An Straight Hose ends
  • (2) 90* Hose Ends
  • (2) 12An ORB X 10AN Male Tight radius 90º Fittings

Hose Routing-

Run (2) Lines from the valve cover to the (2) ports on the catch can. Mount the catch can as high as you can and run the lines higher than the valve cover. This will aid in helping prevent any oil from getting into the catch can. The catch can will vent out of the integrated venting system onto of the can. Depending on the truck and hose routing, amount of blow by etc. You may get small amounts of splatter coming from the vent. If that is the case we recommend purchasing our Valve cover hose kit With the 4 port catch can so any splatter goes out of the two extra hoses to the ground.


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