FSD High Flow -12AN Extended Turbo Drain Flange For S400 Turbo Chargers

FSD High Flow -12AN Extended Turbo Drain Flange For S400 Turbo Chargers

FSD High Flow -12AN Extended Turbo Drain Flange For S400 Turbo Chargers

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Full Send Diesel has specifically designed our -12AN High flow fittings for people who have issues with oil backing up in the turbo. Many other comparable products are a restriction point for the oil draining from your turbo. This results in oil pushing past the oil seals inside of your turbocharger. Our high flow drain fittings are punched out as large as possible and feature a smooth contour on the inside to increase oil flow and lesson the restriction that other products carry. Many turbo charger companies now use different internal parts inside of their chargers, thus free flowing more oil through the charger. This is why all of the sudden -10AN drains seem to not flow enough, and many companies now require the use of a -12AN drain line for their turbo chargers. Our High Flow -12AN Drain flange has a larger ID then any other -12AN Drain flange on the market.




-Billet 6061 Aluminum

-Reusable O Ring Seal

-Large 20MM inner diameter 

-Smooth Contour Increases Oil Flow

-Extended For An Easy Installation



Designed to work with S400 Turbo Chargers only. ** Does not fit S300 chargers.